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Welcome to Kasper Organics! I'm so glad you found little ol' me amongst all the giants. And thank you for supporting a woman-owned, small business.  This is the best place to buy hemp and organic cotton products.

We offer high-quality organic cotton clothing and household basics. These are mostly made in America. We also offer fair-trade jewelry and gifts such as Triloka, some of the best available in quality, as well as social and environmental responsibility. 
 Most recently I have added some vintage jewelry and upcycled pieces.
 We also offer fair-trade clothing from Maggie's, who has a long-standing, solid reputation for social responsibility and good environmental practices. Maggie's made in USA organic socks have been a staple for many years. All of our Organic Cotton Crew Socks are now on sale
at 12% Off. Start shopping here.  And you can view my latest video on Facebook.

Please enjoy our coupon code for June. We believe in equal rights for everyone, and are proud to celebrate Pride Month!

Monthly Specials For June

Maggie's Tuck Tunic
$37.95  $28.46
Save: 25% off
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Girlie Tee - Natural
$17.50  $8.95
Save: 49% off
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Maggie's Raglan Blouse
$29.95  $22.46
Save: 25% off
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Striped Straight Scarf
$24.95  $18.71
Save: 25% off
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Queen Sheet Set Natural & Whitened
$116.95  $105.26
Save: 10% off
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