Colors Page

In order to offer a wider selection of colors, the colors shown below are the low-impact colors we offer in addition to the colors offered by the manufacturers.  The actual colors can vary depending on the color of the cotton.  We do not bleach the garments before dyeing, and the natural cotton color can be various shades of off-white, affecting the final color of the garment after dyeing.

Shown below left to right, First row: Natural, Precious Pink, Aqua.
Second row: Sky Blue, Sun Washed Coral, Rich Pink.
Third row: Mauve, Royal Blue (aka Rich blue) and Bamboo.


The following is an excerpt from the Material Safety Data Sheet of the dye we use.

"These products contain no substances defined as Health Hazards or as Physical Hazards according to the requirements of 29CFR, part 1910.1200."

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