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Vintage Earth Earrings


Vintage clay, wood, silver and bone beads. These have come from different sources. I have had them all for a very long time, so I don't remember where I got most of them, except the bone beads. I remember those because they were given to me by a friend as part of an old necklace that she didn't want any longer. She thought I might want to use the beads, and I finally did. I think it stands out in my mind because as a vegetarian, bone beads aren't something I would normally buy. But they are nice beads, and a natural material. And I think they look very nice with the other natural material beads. I only made one pair of these earrings, but I could probably make more similar ones. These are on silver earring wires, good for people with sensitive earlobes.

These come in a recycled gift box as shown in image below. The padding inside the box is also recycled.

These were a great find. I love these little chocolate brown boxes! I designed the earring cards to fit perfectly into the boxes. The card stock I am using is upcycled from old (recycled) file folders that are no longer needed. So they are recycled and upcycled!

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  • Manufactured by: Kasper Organics

Vintage Earth Earrings


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