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Kapok Fill Vegan Pillow - Queen

Starting at: $74.00

Kapok Pillows feel like silk! Our kapok pillows come from the flower of a tall fruit tree - ceiba pentandra. This fiber is very similar to silk making the pillow feel soft inside. It compresses easily and rebounds slowly, preventing pressure on the ear. Covered in our fancy European Organic Cotton Damask for an attractive and durable pillow. Fiber is light, buoyant, resilient, resistant to water.

Available in Light, Medium or Heavy fill.  Choose below.  This item is shipped directly from out supplier by UPS.  Please provide a street address and choose UPS as you shipping method.  Thank you.

Light fill = 26 oz.
Medium fill = 31 oz.
Heavy fill = 37 oz.

  • Model: 74KPil
  • Shipping Weight: 7lbs
  • Manufactured by: PureRest


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