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Rib Knit Roll Up Hat


These, along with many other items on my site, are made by hand (slow fashion,) so please allow a little more time than for ready-made items, such as tee shirts. I'll do my best to get your order out a.s.a.p., especially if you let me know that you have mcs. These are nice, soft, warm beanie style hats that I made using pieces of organic cotton 1" x 1" rib knit fabric, stitched together with black or natural thread. One with black thread is shown, but you can choose natural thread if you prefer it by choosing "Natural Thread Edging" in the color options. Matching scarf available.

The fabric has not been bleached or dyed, and is formaldehyde free.

Before folding the hat measures 16" long. To wear as shown, fold under far enough so that you can roll it up outward. This way you have several warm layers over your ears, and the stitching shows all over.

Made to fit the average adult. Very stretchy. Scroll down to see a close-up. And also images of the stages of flat to folded. I used hats that were sewn with natural color thread, and then embelleshed a little with color thread for this. They are also for sale.

The organic cotton for the fabric was grown on a family farm in Texas. The farm is certified organic by the Texas Department of Agriculture (TDA). Harvested cotton is ginned to remove the seeds and burs at a local cooperative gin which is also certified by TDA to process organic cotton. It is also processed into fabric in the USA.

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Rib Knit Roll Up Hat
Rib Knit Roll Up Hat

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