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I have created this page to start sharing photos with you of various subjects. In addition
to our "About Us" page this may help you get to know us a little better.

I have recently become aware of the importance of native plants. If you are interested in
this, you can follow this group on Facebook for lots of good information.

Long Dash Skipper Butterfly on my son's tomato plant.
I found this little visitor on one of our tomato plants. It looks like a moth, but is actually a butterfly.
My Blanket Fowers, native to California, and one of the Monarchs I raised.

I just bought this woodblock stamp. I will start experimenting soon. I want to use eco-frientdly
inks to print or organic cotton tees, night shirts, etc. I think it will be really pretty.

As you can see, I love plants and flowers.

The bees were loving these lovely Hollyhocks this morning.

This is a beautiful tree that lives down the street from me. I think it is a Clark Pine.

These are some pics I took of some cactus blooms in my backyard. I hope you enjoy my photos.
I just love these beautiful little flowers. 

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