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Organic Pillow Barrier Cover - Queen

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These are now sold out and unavailable is this size. Dust mites are nasty little critters that can cause a lot of discomfort for people who are sensitive or overexposed to them. Dust mites like a moister environment and like their name suggests, they like dust. Barrier covers protect your mattresses and pillows from these little critters entering them and laying their eggs in your bedding. Natural wool and natural rubber seem to also act to deter dust mites (which are about 100 microns) naturally.

Our barrier cloth is a high 440 thread count SKAL certified organic cotton fabric that is then heat pressed to tighten the fibers to a 6 micron opening - recommended to protect against dust mites debris.. We do not contaminate our organic cotton by adding any chemicals or urethanes. Chemical-Free. There is no other company on this continent that can provide an organic barrier cover that is completely chemical-free. In addition, we do not dye our fabrics to make them look richer.

Our pillow barrier covers feature a nice tight tooth plastic zipper (PVC-Free) to keep the little critters away from your head. Brass zippers have a lot of open space in between teeth and are not recommended for barrier covers.

  • Model: 4295PBC
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  • Manufactured by: PureRest


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